Los intérpretes judiciales del Reino Unido temen que los recortes comprometan la celebración de juicios justos

El pasado día 5 de noviembre, el Finacial Times se hacía eco de esta noticia:

UK’s court interpreters fear cost-cutting is threatening fair trials
Outsourcing has lowered the standard of language services available, professionals claim.

Immigration lawyer Lawrence Youssefian thought he knew his client well, so he was surprised when the asylum seeker he was representing at a hearing earlier this year was reprimanded by the judge for answering evasively.

The man, a Dari speaker, who was communicating through an interpreter, had described his experience of fleeing persecution many times before.

But when he was asked whether his business partner had been pursued by militants, he replied
instead that his wife had not been targeted. The judge pulled him up for not answering the

The apparent evasion put Mr Youssefian — who understands some Dari because of his
knowledge of Farsi (the two languages have common roots) — on alert. He began to focus more...
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